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Successful People Tend Not to Understand Doing Things “Tomorrow”

Would you like to succeed? Most people do. And there are no boundaries for choosing goals. Our goals may include our desire to succeed in business, academia, societal or personal accomplishment, humanitarian improvement or any other field we select. The Celebrity Experts® who have made their journeys to success in this book share with you the importance of getting started and the potholes to avoid.

This is why the title of this book, Success Starts Today, is reflected so appropriately in the famous words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

“Success Starts Today” hit 4 Amazon Best-Seller lists. Cheryl Ivaniski received the world famous Quilly Award for the book.

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When Stillness Speaks

A World of Doing.

As human beings, we are always doing. Why are we always doing?

We attach sticky notes to our computers and leave voicemails for family, friends and others. We write emails, text messages, and activate the alerts in our phones as reminders. Some of us use the timers on our stoves, appliances and electronics. We write ourselves paper notes and use phone applications as reminders so we do not forget to do important items. These are all ‘to do’ lists.

Today, our lives are so full of checklists of things to do, that it can become overwhelming.

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